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Welcome to UCB in the United Kingdom

Our Company

UCB is a global biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Belgium, with a focus on neurology and immunology.

The UK is home to one of UCB's three global discovery research centres, a state-of-the art pre-manufacturing tech ops scale up facility and our UK & Ireland commercial affiliate. Across the UK and Ireland, we employ around 850 people, the majority of whom are scientists working in R&D. UCB is a top 5 investor in biopharmaceutical R&D in the UK. We are proud to have over 100 collaborations with UK universities, charities and companies, covering over 200 projects. We have also supported nearly 150 PhDs since 2004, when UCB acquired Celltech.

Focused on translating research and development into treatment for patients, UCB have conducted over 100 trials in the UK since 2003 across over 300 trial sites, involving over 3,000 patients. As part of our trial process we routinely work with medical charities to ensure that the solutions we bring to market offer the maximum benefit to patients. These connections span into our commercial affiliate where we have strong working ties with over 20 different patient organisations.

Our Vision

UCB's ambition is to transform the lives of people living with severe diseases. We focus on neurology and immunology - putting patients at the centre of our world. We are inspired by patients. Driven by science.

We listen. Our medicines treat thousands of people around the world and we are engaging with patients, their families and healthcare professionals to address their unmet needs.

We want to enhance our understanding of disease and the real-life experiences of patients so that our teams are able to deliver the right drug and the right care to the right patient.

UCB is continuously working to advance science and embrace new knowledge. We are leveraging scientific advances and skills in areas such as genetics, biomarkers and human biology. Patients inspire us to bring them value through cutting-edge science, innovative drugs, and practical solutions so they and their carers can improve their quality of life. 

Our Strategy

We recognise that radical changes are taking place in the eco-system of care and we need to evolve accordingly to deliver on our vision. The key element of our evolution is to focus on the delivery of increased patient value.

There is no such thing as an "average patient". We want to use all the tools, channels and scientific advances at our disposal to develop a better understanding of the various expressions of a disease and embed the real needs of specific patient populations in our science and innovation process.

That is why we support patient groups as they provide valuable services to patient communities and understand what matters to people living with severe diseases.

We believe in partnership. Our scientists collaborate with leading researchers from academia, medical charities and industry to advance science and deliver the solutions patients need. We are committed to being a partner to the NHS and we recognise the importance of working together to deliver innovative solutions that enable patients to benefit from discoveries and new treatments in immunology and neurology. Our open approach to innovation equips us to meet today's biggest healthcare challenges.